Almost every company or organisation has a huge resource for innovation very close to the operation, but for cultural reasons – or simply lack of knowledge and the right tools – they are not turning this potential into value.

We are talking actively involvement of employees, consumers and customers or networks and experts.

Ideas are very rarely born in the executive offices or board rooms. Ideas are born in the situation where a need occurs, where a combination of events makes everything clear for the individual, where something totally different from the actual need takes place.

But how can your company or organization benefit from that if you don’t have any convenient method to capture the idea right on the spot?

8ideas Spot’It is the answer to that question.

Turn you employees, consumers, customers, networks and experts into your own ‘mini’ anthropologist and ideators by giving them an easy way to contribute with their ideas and observations. Let them turn their SmartPhones or tablets into a professional tool for capturing and sending photos, videos, text messages and audio dictations documenting their idea or observation.