8ideas is a web-based idea management tool that motivates and accelerates idea development in organizations by
involving employees, partners and experts.

8ideas is used when there is a need to develop solutions to key challenges and when it makes sense to have a wider
involvement of the organization.

Participants are effectively involved in a simple, systematic step-by-step process to solve a specific challenge in a
limited period of time.

8ideas is particularly efficient to bring forward solutions to challenges based on inputs across geographical locations,
departments and disciplines.

The challenge-driven approach ensures high quality solutions and broad engagement of people in the process.

8ideas might be combined with workshops, brainstorms, analysis, prototyping, project management tools etc.

8ideas can be used as a challenge-driven innovation tool over a limited period of time – or as a workshop ideation tool
where participants are physically present. You might even combine the two – starting with an 8ideas workshop and
further developing the solutions in the cloud over a period of time.