Your need might be one or more of these:

  • You want ideas to flow and support an ‘idea culture’ in your organization
  • You want a systematic process and tool that supports innovation and business processes
  • You want a broad involvement of employees across departments and possibly customers, consumers and partners
  • You want a powerful tool that supports good and effective management
  • You want a combination of online tools and physical processes that creates high motivation, participation
  • and quality output

8ideas Innovation Management

  • Use 8ideas as your new platform for idea development and knowledge sharing – and even as a new innovation platform and process
  • Get access to a ideation process model with the right mix of online and offline activities tailored to your organization
  • Get a skinned version of 8ideas to match the design line in your organization
  • Combine with a complementary offline innovation-kit with more than 30 methods and templates for workshops, brainstorming, prototyping etc.
  • Have your employees and facilitators trained in the process, methods etc.
  • We guide you through a pilot test and ensure your success in practice.

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