The implementation of 8ideas is a process that must be planned carefully and implemented in respect for the company’s culture and experience of knowledge sharing and cooperation and not least the daily operations.

We take the lead in the process and create from the beginning an implementation plan with the management and the team, which will be responsible for implementing and operating 8ideas in the company.

We start with a workshop to ensure that the implementation of 8ideas is in line with the company’s strategy and objectives and, not least, to roll out incrementally and in a manner so that employees are actively engaged in knowledge sharing process and in developing ideas that creates value to the company in the future or come up with solutions to important challenges the company are facing.

As the rollout is taking place we hand over the responsibility for the operation to the company’s innovation team, who will be trained not only in the use of 8ideas, but also in what it takes to get a collaborative and knowledge-sharing platform like 8ideas to work  - online as well as off-line.