Skærmbillede 2015-04-26 kl. 14.43.40Our white paper – 8ideas System – describes a new way of working with idea development and innovation through the effective involvement of your employees and customers through a challenge-based tool.

8ideas is an online tool and a business process that motivates and accelerates idea generation and innovation in organizations.

With the help of a simple, systematic process, challenges are potentially solved in a short time. Solutions are based on a wide involvement of managers and employees and 8ideas contribute effectively to strengthen the sense of ownership of the project.

Moreover, with 8ideas it is possible to involve customers, users and other stakeholders and allow them to contribute to find solutions to a specific challenge.

8ideas can be combined with other idea development and innovation methods, such as workshops, brainstorms, methods for identifying user needs, prototyping etc.

8ideas is built on international theory and practical experience in the development of ideas and innovation, including our many years of experience in developing and implementing innovative projects and new business ideas.

Download here: 8ideas_WhitePaper_System

Skærmbillede 2015-04-26 kl. 14.43.16Our white paper – Unlock the innovation capacity – describes how to open up the innovation capacity of the company by combining good innovation management with a digital tool for knowledge sharing and idea generation.

A challenge based platform can be an effective way to drive innovation by involving the organization in a systematic process to solve specific challenges the company are facing.

It is important to combine an efficient online process with an offline co-creation process involving managers, employees and possibly customers and partners.

Download here: 8ideas_WhitePaper_Capacity