In todays competitive business environment it is a must to be able to capitalize fast and effectively on the collective knowledge and practical experience in and around the organization.8ideas motivates and accelerates idea generation and innovation in your organization by involving employees, customers, networks, experts etc.

  • Develop solutions to major challenges
  • Run time limited idea campaigns
  • Share knowledge when collaborating on larger projects
  • Exchange ideas and knowledge and chat in facilitated online social network groups
  • Use 8ideas in workshops where you combine plenary sessions with groupwork
  • Easy to use for admins, facilitators and participants.


  • Easy,¬†intuitive,¬†inclusive and transparent
  • No licenses or investment in SW or HW – pay per use
  • Run challenges or idea competitions in 15 different languages
  • Identify the most innovative resources among employees, lead-users and networks
  • Use 8ideas as frontend to your Stage Gate