Your needs

  • You have a real challenge that needs to be solved
  • You want to involve employees and possibly external relations (customers, experts, citizens, etc.).
  • You need a ‘systematic’ process that guides you safely through the ideation process
  • You need support in the process for planning, facilitation, motivation of participants, reporting, etc..

8ideas workshop

  • A physical workshop from 10-200 participants lasting from ½ to 2 days
  • Participants works in teams and use 8ideas as a collaboration platform for generating and developing ideas,
    comments, discussions etc.
  • Facilitation, support, presentations etc. on the workshop as required
  • Full documentation online as well as in print in the end of the workshop
  • Subsequent use of 8ideas after the workshop where participants online may deepen, comment, vote, share knowledge etc.
  • Prior to the workshop participants and/or customers might have used 8ideas Mobile to post ideas and observations