8ideas was founded in 2011 by Søren Kielgast, Tomas Vedsmand and Max Stern Dahl.

Partner, CEO
E: sk@gemba.dk
M: +45 4036 5501

Søren has many years of practical experience within innovation, business development and management and for the past 15 years Søren has been actively involved in the development of innovative ideas and projects – for both established companies within the IT, industrial manufacturing, service and food industry and a wide range of start-up companies. Søren has extensive experience in the development and implementation of IT-based systems that simplifies and enhance business processes and generate measurable value to the user.
Partner, CTO
BCs Computer Science
E: max@8ideas.dk
M: +45 26155102

Max has always been interested in the development of new and innovative ideas. Among these ideas, was the idea of creating a system which could be used to help groups of people to develop ideas and at the same time, determine in what percentage people had contributed according to the quality of their contributions. This gave birth 8ideas as part of Max’s BCs project at Copenhagen University, and introduced Max into the world of innovation. In addition, Max has many years of experience within web development on Linux, and has focused the last few years of the development of web-based solutions for online collaboration and innovation.
Cand.scient.soc., Ph.D.
E: tv@8ideas.dk
M: +45 4036 5502

Tomas has more than 15 years of experience in innovation, business processes and strategy. Tomas has extended knowledge on how to structure innovation processes, manage and lead innovation and how to build and sustain an innovation culture. Tomas has worked with consultancy, facilitation and innovation management through a myriad of projects in consulting, start-up businesses and corporates. Tomas has experience in sectors such as food, retail, construction, clean-tech and the service sector. Tomas has a background in various consultancy businesses.