Make your employees, customers, networks and experts the company’s own mini-anthropologists and idea originators, by giving them an easy way to contribute with their ideas and observations.

It is easy and fast because 8ideas Spot’It is using the standard Internet browser on your Smartphone or tablet and there is no need for a special App.

Employees who have access to 8ideas already will log in with their normal login information. Customers, citizens, consumers or members that you want to involve, but not necessarily pay license for, can access 8ideas Spot’It’s idea form directly and contribute with their ideas or observations with or without photo or video. You pay not licensed for the external users, but a low cost per idea you receive in 8ideas.

You can test 8ideas Spot’It right here and now:

Scan the QR code with your Smartphone or type this URL into your Internet browser:

Send us an idea and attach a photo. If you fill in your name and email, we will return a screenshot to you so you can see how your idea has been received in 8ideas and get an idea on ​​how systematically you can work with ideas from employees and customers in 8ideas.